Useful Tips about DND Gel Polish Glitter Manicure

Gel polish has become an integral part of modern-day beauty kits for apparent reasons. Virtually every nail salon uses DND gel polish glitter on their client’s nails.  One of the main reasons for using gel nail polish is because it doesn’t chip easily and stays on nails for several weeks while retaining its glossy look.

Gel polish consists of potent ingredients that affix it to nails tighter than the regular lacquers. DND gel polish glitter constituents are strong enough to withstand chipping caused by the wear and tear that occurs daily. In terms of flexibility, gel polish is better than traditional lacquer as they withstand chips, and the gel is cured under an LEd lamp or UV while polishes are cured in oxygen.

You can remove gels by soaking in acetone within ten minutes, while you can use a nail polish remover to remove nail polishes. You can search for DND nail polish near me to purchase your desired DND gel polish.

Below are useful tips to prolong the lifestyle of your gel manicure and keep healthy natural nails.

Tips about DND Gel Polish Glitter

Ensure your natural nails are well moisturized while using gel manicures

Regular lacquer or gel polish has the potential to weaken your nails, and nail dehydration could occur during the manicure process. This doesn’t mean you should not do your manicure or apply gel polish on nails. However, you should try not to apply the gel on your natural nails back-to-back; this means you allow some weeks before applying another nail polish after removal. This will ensure your nails receive adequate oxygen for repair and rehydration. Taking a short break from nail polish use will help you further assess your nails’ health and decide if it is advisable to go for another nail polish glitter soon.

Avoid the temptation to pick at gel polish

Picking is a common habit among gel lovers as they get tempted to pick once the color starts to lift. Water can percolate into the nails as peeling starts, and it can become a hideout for bacteria and fungi. Once you start to experience peeling, you may get tempted to pick at it, but you peel off some nail layers that are not ideal as they could cause long-term damage. With the right nail gel application, they are safe to use, but they can weaken the nails if picked off the nails.

Pay attention to the gel polish ingredients

Always check the label of the gel polish you intend to purchase as there are some products with harmful substances which are carcinogenic. Watch out for these three ingredients, toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). These chemicals are harmful, and you should minimize their use as much as possible.

Reduce how long you get exposed to the UV lamp

A study reveals that manicures might not be safe for those with high UV light sensitivity. Although you often receive low doses of UV, it is still intense to cause an adverse effect, not to mention its long-term exposure to the skin.

Consider gel polish as liquid acrylics

Have you thought about how gel manicures stay for long on nails while still looking beautiful? The reason is not far-fetched; gel polish has a different chemical composition designed to dry only under contact with LED light or UV. In the case of regular nail polish, it can dry with exposure to air. So, gel polish is designed to achieve a hardened polish layer on your nails which ensures a durable and lasting application.

Be wary of hot baths or showers

Hot water is not ideal for gel manicure as it could cause a lift of the gel polish. The best way to remove gel polish is to soak them. If you need to use hot water, ensure it is minimal, and when you do dishes, you should wear rubber gloves.

The process of soaking-off can be harmful

Though you may have a firm and well-fitted manicure, you may face a challenge when it is time to take it off. The entire process may cause a little pain, and it is essential to prepare your mind for this eventuality. However, to alleviate this pain, ensure your manicurist applies correctly and cures your gel polish. It is easy to remove properly cured gels when dipped into acetone, while improperly cured gel will need extra effort to remove.

Keep your nails hydrated

The role of water in a body system cannot be overemphasized. Such is also its importance to nail health. Your nails should be hydrated before visiting the salon for your manicure session.


We have extensively discussed some of the useful tips about your DND nail polish glitter. With this information, you can request a DND nail polish near me for your next manicure session.