Pregnancy-Safe Face Products That Do Not Harm Your Little One

Pregnancy brings in lots of new changes, and this is the time you need to be extremely careful. Every single thing you do, eat, and use affects the baby’s growth. Just one wrong step can prove to be detrimental to your little one. The skincare routine also has a role in this as all ingredients used in beauty products are not safe during pregnancy. These products seep into your skin or inhaled and thus get absorbed into your system, which, when reaches the baby, would be unfavorable.

Pregnancy-Safe Face Products

Many congenital disabilities have been linked to the elements found in the skincare products. Natural products like shea butter can be used for moisturizing. There are a lot of shea butter-based products that can be used fearlessly since it is a base compound and is the primary ingredient in them. But be sure to check the other smaller quantity elements used.

What Is Risky?

Using the harmful creams or sprays once or twice does not lead to severe consequences, but using them daily does. However, avoiding them altogether is the best idea. Do you want to put your baby at risk deliberately? No, right. So, let us get to know more about what chemicals are risky and learn to avoid them form the list of your products.

The ingredients list you need to look for while shopping for pregnancy face moisturizer or Pregnancy-Safe Eye Creams or any other skincare products is as below.


LDS Liquid Dry Sealer Can Create Stunning 3D Flower Nail Designs

If you are going to search online, you will surely find dozens of beautiful 3D Flower nail designs, some are simple and some are studded. You can find different designs and different floral patterns. You can’t tell what the real name of the flowers, but you will love the beautiful pattern for sure. Because the thing about floral design is that you don’t have to be an expert with flowers, as long as they look flowery then it is a flower. You can create your own using two simple materials: LDS Liquid Dry Sealer and LDS Clear Powder. Yes, it is everything you need to create a realistic flower design that will steal the show.

Create Stunning 3D Flower Nail Designs

1. Red Coat Nails with 3D White Flower Nail Art

Red nails are a definite show stopper, it is stunning alone and if you are looking to take your nails to the next level then you must try this look. Using LDS D100 Bloody Mary, coat your nails as a base then create your own 3D designs using LDS Liquid Dry Sealer and LDS Clear Powder. A good design will be three small ones and if you want it to really stand out, then go for some rhinestones.


Easy At-home Solutions That You Can Do to Get the Yellow Stains out from Your Nails

Your outfit will never be complete without a beautiful and clean nails. No matter how clean your nails are, you will still experience having stained nails at one point in your life. Having stained nails is an embarrassment especially if you are a fan of French tip nail. Badly mixed nail color, poorly cleaned claws, or simply painting too often is the culprit to this unwanted stain. Next time you see your nails having one of those yellow stains, rather than doubling the damage by covering up with more polish, try one of these at-home solutions:

Lemon Juice

Just as lemon juice refreshes your body, lemon juice bleaches summer strands. The citrus fruit also lightens and brighten nail beds. Keep a piece of lemon handy in your house so when you see a stained nails, just dab a few drops of fresh lemon juice onto stained area and let it set for few minutes. Then, buff the surface with a dry washcloth, and massage a few drops of olive oil for extra moisture.

Yellow Stains out from Your Nails


The whitening properties of hydrogen peroxide make it a good agent for removing yellow stains on the nails. If you don’t have one handy, your hair bleach is also full of this stuff. To make your own mixture, just mix one part of the peroxide with three parts of water then soak your nails in the solution for 10 minutes or until you notice that the stain is gone. You can also use an old toothbrush and brush your nail away by squirting peroxide-based toothpaste. Peroxide can dehydrate your nails so don’t forget to use hand lotion after.

Base Coat

Aside from keeping the DND nail polish in place a base coat like is a trustworthy agent to keep your nails free from yellow stains. Applying base coat on your nail diligently will keep your future nail stains at bay. It may sound like an extra step, but it will save you the hassle after your next manicure chips away. DTK Nail supply has several base coats that you can choose from, there are also wholesale nail supplies that you can buy to save big discounts. Depending on the colour you want, you can choose from clear, pink and white and you’ll notice that your nail will no longer have that yellow stains anymore. (more…)

Nail Dipping System

A system refers to a combination of various components that work together in order to produce the desired results. Simply, a system is made up of more than one component with the element of working together being the key idea. Consequently, a nail dipping system would refer to an agglomeration of diverse powders and liquids that are applied to the nails in a specific order to bring about elegant looking, healthy and strong nails. The components of this system are the liquids, the powders and the complementary parts like nail brushes and files.

A nail dipping system works well when all the instructions involving the application of the specific components are followed to absolute precision. Otherwise, if the instructions are ignored, some reaction supposed to take place between a certain powder and a certain liquid may not take place. The whole process that seems to be magical to some people involves polymerization of dip powders. The top coats, activators and base coats undergo polymerization to come up with a long lasting coat that looks glossy and amazing.

Nail Dipping System

There are numerous nail dipping systems. However, all the systems are not the same since some make use of different methods of application to achieve the end results. Moreover, each system comes up with different formulations, colour and features. Each of these factors distinguishes the systems hence giving birth to diverse brands of dipping systems. For example, there is a difference in the operation of SNS dipping system compared to the several other systems like the OPI dipping system. This is because the SNS nail powder and OPI dipping powder have various differences that need to be considered when it comes to the process of application. (more…)