Facts and Faqs about Nugenesis Dip Powder Kit

NuGenesis nail dip is the solution to naturally beautiful nails. Unlike regular acrylic nails, dip powder is an advanced application that most customers and nail professionals worldwide use. The innovative nail dip powder from NuGenesis nails makes use of processed powder products processed organically with a combination of liquids-rich in vitamin E and Calcium that gives you durable nails and a flawless, shiny nail finish. In addition, NuGenesis nails are non-toxic and odorless, and lack harmful primers. NuGenesis nail products are developed by experts in the nail and beauty industry using eco-friendly dipping powder of the best quality. Although the NuGenesis nail system has gained popularity among nail lovers and technicians, many more are jumping on this offer. Nail dip powder kits present you with different options to pick.

Facts and Faqs about Nugenesis Dip Powder Kit

NuGenesis dip powder color is healthy and long-lasting on your nails. The NuGenesis dip powder kit gives you the best dipping powder system and contains five essential liquids, French dip molding, and three pink and white powders. Some of the features of the NuGenesis dip powder kit include:

Healthy: NuGenesis nail dip powder is rich in vitamin E and calcium and gives a shiny, durable finish to your nails. It is beneficial for your nail bed and does not cause any damages.

Odorless: NuGenesis dip powder kit is odorless and non-toxic.

Safe: NuGenesis assures you of safety when you use their products. It is easy to handle by home users and professionals alike.

Easy application: NuGenesis nail dip system is easy to apply on your nails, even as a newbie. The application process is quick and comfortable. In addition, the process does not involve ultraviolet (UV) light application.

Durable: There’s no need to worry anymore about nail chipping or breaking for at least three weeks. NuGenesis powder kit offers a durable and long-lasting shine on your nails.

Affordability: NuGenesis dip kit is very affordable and is obtainable at reasonable offers.

NuGenesis dip powder kit contains the prep liquid, activator liquid, base coat, and topcoat.

Facts About Nail Dip Powder

Dip powder can last on natural nails as long as 2-4 weeks, depending on how fast the nails grow out. You can choose to refresh the dip powder nails after three weeks for proper maintenance of natural nails.

If a nail technician applies dipping powder for you, you can ask them to file your nails naturally. It promises to be an incredible and painless experience for you.

The application time for dipping powder is similar to that of gel. However, dipping powder is faster and easier to remove.

Nail professionals and consumers can attest to the beautiful results after using dip powder, including more robust and natural nails. These results are visible after the first application and are noticeable even among those who made a complete switch to dip powder.

Nail dip powder is an excellent alternative to regular acrylic nails and gel, especially for people with allergic ingredients. NuGenesis dip powder does not contain harmful components; therefore, it does not result in any allergic reactions.

FAQs About NuGenesis Nail Dip Powder

Is it easy to use NuGenesis dip powder kit?

The answer is yes. The process is straightforward. Dipping powder is an excellent option for home manicures. Although it is essential to be careful and pay great attention to details, dipping powder is easier to apply. You dip your nails in the powder the whole process. This powder is a bonus because it dries quickly and is non-sticky.

Is dipping powder safe?

Many consumers ask this question. If you’re a lover of nail manicures, you’ll be familiar with the entire process of drying under a UV/LED lamp anytime you want traditional acrylic nails or gel. UV/LED lamps have UV radiation that may not result in skin cancer but can dry out your hand if your skin is sensitive. If this situation is peculiar to you, then the nail dip system is a fantastic solution because it doesn’t involve UV lights for drying.

Furthermore, dipping powders are formulated with vitamins and nail nourishing ingredients that give your nails a shiny and healthy look. There are no harsh chemicals in NuGenesis powder nails, and it is odorless. You are sure of gentle nail formulas on your nail beds because the product is thin, lightweight, and flexible. They don’t need any filling, meaning that less drilling is necessary and less dust in the process, unlike acrylic nails.

Can you clean dipping powder easily?

If you’re a first-timer to the nail dipping system and you want to attempt removal by yourself, it could be tricky. Practice and experience are necessary for the process. After you have done the removal 2 to 3 times, you’ll know how to handle it better. After that, the process of removing is easy and takes only about 15 minutes.


NuGenesis dip kit is essential for all nail lovers and beauty experts, especially for at-home manicures. So get one of these today and enjoy a flawless nail finish.