Choose Your OPI Gel Color According to Your Attire

A nail manicure is essential to your makeup routine that defines your personality. So, having the best manicure is necessary to look gorgeous and be the center of attraction wherever you go. But, imagine if you had a bad manicure or wore colors that do not suit your skin tone or attire. It can be exasperating as people might scoff at you. But, on the other hand, an exquisitely matching OPI gel color with your clothing can attract all eyes to you and make you feel special. So, let us discuss the perfect color combination for your nails to suit your dress.

Best OPI Gel Color According to Your Attire

The Formal Wear – Nude or neutral colors should be ideal

Best OPI Gel Color According to Your Attire

You cannot have bright shining colors orange or yellow with your official attire. Usually, women in executive positions wear high-quality suits that are generally dark in color. So, the perfect nail polish shade is the nude or neutral shade. The best part is that you can choose from an excellent range of nude shades from top brands. OPI gel colors offer you hundreds of options, from creamy whites to wheatish brown. Similarly, the range of colors starts from the lightest of pinks to the deepest rouge shades, making it the perfect matching color for your official attire.

Casual Wear – Any color should suit you

Best OPI Gel Color According to Your Attire

No one wears casual dresses to the office. So, you do not need to worry about the right shades to make an impression. Casual dresses are best for picnics and excursions. For example, you can wear a casual dress to the beachside and have an excellent time surfing along the waves or rolling on the sands with your beloved. The exciting feature of casual wear is that you can have whichever color you like on your nails. However, we advise selecting the best shades that suit your skin tone. So, choosing the right shade is not an issue if you are fair-skinned. But, if you have tanned skin, we suggest you match the shades perfectly because it does not feel good to look out of place.

Wedding Wear – Be at your best

Best OPI Gel Color According to Your Attire

A wedding requires you to be at your best, especially if it is yours. Even otherwise, you should wear colors that suit the happy occasion. Therefore, dark browns, blacks, and greys are out of the question. Instead, you can have light nail color shades to suit your skin and the dresses. Wedding gowns are white. So, the perfect colors that go with white are pinks and bright red.
Similarly, you do not have much choice if you are one of the bridesmaids. You must wear colors that suit the bride. However, if you are among the guests, we suggest you wear simple, light shades that gel with the occasion.

Going to the Church – Maintain the decorum

Best OPI Gel Color According to Your Attire

Many people wonder what colors to wear when going to church. Generally, women do not wear dark clothing to a church unless they are attending a funeral. So, having dark shades on their nails is not advisable. It is better to go for plain shades that best match the environment. You can try the simple pinks, purples, light violets, bright red, and the different shades of white and cream. But, if it is Christmas time, you can be at your best. Therefore, you can choose the perfect colors that match your dress; If you wear a red gown, we suggest you go for pinks, reds, or whites. On the other hand, if your gown is green, the perfect colors should be red, yellow, or brown.

Attending a Dance Party – The glossy look is the most gorgeous

Best OPI Gel Color According to Your Attire

A dance party is a suitable place to display your exquisite range of nail polish color choices. You can wear whichever shade you like and suits your skin tone. But, we advise going for the glossy shades of OPI gelcolor. So, you might need multiple coats of gel paint and topcoat to shine through the glaring lights at the party.
You need people to admire your color choice at a dance party. Therefore, the glossy look is perfect as it attracts people to you.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right color shades to match the occasion and attire can be challenging. However, we have tried to make it simple by narrowing down your choices. So, you can select the right OPI colors and make an indelible impression on people’s minds by wearing the colors to suit your dress. You become the center of attraction, with more people admiring your color choices. Thus, you start setting trends for others to follow. You can comfortably post your videos on your Instagram, and other social media handles to make a compelling fashion statement.