Top 6 Best Tattoo Machine Brands – You Should Own in 2021

Tattooing machines from top brands give your art the much-needed support for bringing out the best. Once you get to know which brand machines work the best in each category, you will be ahead in the race of your competitors and surpass them effortlessly.

Equipment plays a significant role in deciding the quality of your tattoos, and it is the key to the sustenance of tattoo businesses. If you ever wondered why someone who is of equal or less talented than you are more successful? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your equipment.

Hawink Mini Tattoo BatteryDigital DisplayPower Supply

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This USB rechargeable power supply comes with a digital display to check the voltage. As this battery comes with a 5 level voltage control, you use it for a wide variety of design making. It charges quickly and provides an extended runtime of 4.5 hours.

The mini tattoo battery is easily attachable to the pen tattoo machine. Its wireless functioning gives you freedom from cords.

Mast Flash Direct Drive Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The lightweight rotary gun flash tattoo machine with an RCA cord has an advanced gear system. It operates quietly, with a smooth ink transfer method and ideal skin healing results. This machine is flexible with cartridge needle length adjustments and has a soft holding grip.

ITATOO Tattoo Foot Pedal for Tattoo Power Supply

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Itatoo foot pedal-assisted tattoo power supply is highly sensitive and simple to operate. It is the best tattoo power supply as it is easy to trample and delivers consistent power as you need. The ¼” wire on 1.8m length with mono plug connects excellently with the tattoo power supply.

The outer coating of the wire is made of soft silicon, and hence it is incredibly flexible. As the foot pedal is made of stainless steel, it is durable, and it also looks stylish in your studio.

Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The weightless ergonomic rotary tattoo machine is extremely versatile. It is the best rotary tattoo machine as you can do grey shading, light black filling, heavy black filling, and color packing using this machine.

The clip cord connection available with this machine enables variable power as required for different actions. It has long-lasting stability and helps in lesser skin lesions due to its smooth operation.

Yilong Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

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The thermal copier allows you to copy designs to the stencil paper for efficient tattoo pattern transfer. As it is light to carry, you can create templates on the fly. It operates quietly and does not heat up. Also, its printing speed is high. Due to its outstanding performance, every professional tattoo artist prefers this stencil machine over the others.

Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Gun Set

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The two alloy framed machines set comprises of 10 and 8 wrap handmade coil for shader and liner respectively. These coil tattoo machines work in stable mode with uniform speed and smooth output lines, and perfect shading.

They cause lesser damage to the skin than other cheap quality coil machines. As they can work for 8 hours continuously without heating, you can easily depend on them for working day-long sessions. They are flexible and strong.


The high-quality machines mentioned above will help you improve your tattoo outcome as they are the best performers in their category. Not all brands are profitable in all types of tattoo machines. Knowing which brand is top in what kind of machinery will help you choose better for your next purchase.