The Ways to Know Which Is the Real OPI Nail Lacquers

There are many different nail polish brands on the market today. But whenever you asked “What is the most famous brand of nail polish ” or ” which brand of nail polish colors do the girls think of first”, the answer of most ladies is always OPI. OPI is not only well known for its quality, but also famous for its long history. Over decades of establishment and development, OPI nails has had a strong foothold in the nail industry, no one is unaware of the name OPI and when it comes to OPI, almost ladies will always mention OPI nail lacquers.

OPI Nail Lacquers

OPI nail lacquer is one of the products that make the name of OPI. This product line is highly appreciated by experts and it brings a huge source of revenue for OPI. Since then, OPI has always been considered a pioneer in nail polish and dominated the nail market for a very long time that no other competitor could compete with. Here, let’s find out why OPI nails can dominate the nail market all over the world.

Why Is OPI Nail Polish Appreciated by Both Professional Nail Technicians and the Starters?

OPI nail lacquer is considered as a high-end class of nail polish. OPI nails is absolutely manufactured in The United States of America with so many modern technologies. On the other hands, it is the best product line of nail polish on around the world and it is trusted to be used by almost nail technicians.

OPI nail polish is a top-class product brand voted by the whole world in the field of nail polish. In addition, this high-end product line has perfect quality, diverse and beautiful paint colors, it helps to show the nobility of women.

OPI nail lacquers’ paint is very smooth, does not peel and fade as early as normal nail polishes.

OPI nails is really worth the money you spend. It is a very reasonable investment, because investing in yourself is never a loss. With OPI polish colors, girls choose for themselves a beautiful set of nails with hot, unique, pretty and youthful colors to bring confidence, personality or gentleness, charm and elegance in the workplace. work and communicate as well as make a good impression in the eyes of everyone.

In addition to diverse and eye-catching colors, genuine O.P.I nail polish also contains protective nutrients, preventing nails from yellowing. At the same time, you can even skip the gloss finish, since the O.P.I paint color is already very glossy.

Referring to OPI nail polish, most women know that a nail polish brand originating from the US is one of the most famous nail brands in the world. OPI nail lacquers with many beautiful rich colors and they dont damage and weaken your nails. Because of that popularity, OPI nail lacquer cannot avoid a lot of fake goods on the market. When used, if you are not careful, you will cause dangerous consequences for your nails, sometimes to your health, because of the toxic chemicals in Fake OPI nail polish.

Here Are the Ways to Let You Know Which Is the Real Opi Nail Lacquers

OPI Nail Lacquer’s Smell

Both the real or fake OPI nail polish has an acid taste, but real OPI is very pleasant, fake OPI has a stronger smell.

Opi Paint Bottle Cap

The real OPI nail polish bottle cap is not convex on the top like fake OPI products.

Logo of OPI

The logo on the bottle of OPI nail polish are bold, clear and bigger than the fake OPI products.

The real OPI when touching the face of the letter, will clearly feel the floating. Fake OPI one has uneven handwriting, after a short time of use, the text on the nail polish bottle has faded.

Opi Nail Polish Serial Number

The real OPI nail polish has the serial number stamped on the top of the bottle (it’s hard to spot, but still visible when we look closely). Fake OPI nail polish also has this but its number stamped is very silly. On the cap of a real nail polish bottle, there will be a code that matches the code that is sunk in the body of the bottle.

Code of OPI Nail Polish

Real OPI nail polish has a black code on the bottom of the bottle that matches the code of the stamp which is all easily seen.

Color of OPI Paint

The color of real and fake OPI nail polish is completely different. In particular, the color of real OPI nails will be smooth, without air bubbles, easily painted on the nails, quickly dry and naturally shiny after drying. While fake OPI products have an unpleasant smell, the color is not standard, there are air bubbles when painting on hands, the paint is not smooth and has no natural shine.

Final Thought

Consumers should pay close attention to the above article to avoid buying fake OPI gel lacquer with poor quality, causing many bad consequences for health, making “money lost”. In addition, to have a beautiful healthy nail you should pay attention to nail care. Come on, let’s beautify ourselves in the safest way.