These New Nail Trends Will Rule 2021

2020 might go down in history as the year of the pandemic that threw life out of gear worldwide. However, it has given rise to a new trend: having a nail manicure at home. Today, women have mastered the art of DIY gel manicures, thanks to the numerous lockdowns stipulated by governments everywhere. With no salons to turn to for regular nail manicures, women have been forced to learn the technique of getting perfect DND gel nail polish manicures at home.

The past year had all been about updated French manicures and sparkling manis with their chunky accents. You also had your dose of ombre color gradations and much more. The year 2021 will not be any different, with people still getting their manicures at home. Hence, they would not prefer to go for the intricate designs that nail salons are excellent at. Maybe, the salons might open up soon, and people would flood them. Time alone will tell. In the meanwhile, let us explore some of the best up and coming nail trends for 2021.

Nail Trends 2021 Ideas

The Minimalist Nail Art is back

When you had the nail salons open, you could quickly go for expansive designs like the 3D nail art patterns. The prime reason is that these patterns are challenging to remove at home. Therefore, one can expect 3D nail art to lose steam. At the same time, minimalistic art designs are sure to make a comeback.

Anyone would love minimalist art because it is clean, chic, and classy. You get the opportunity to play around with the lines and shapes in the way you like. As you experiment with simple accents like dots, triangles, and squares, you start enjoying it more. If you wish to make this trend shine, it is better to have a uniform nail length and shape.

DND provides you with the perfect nail colors to try out your favorite designs.

The Thick Acrylic paints are out, whereas the Chic Press-Ons are in

Women loved thick acrylics because they allowed the fingers to look wider than they are. Now, this trend is gradually drying out, only to be replaced by the chic, strategically sized press-on nails. The prime reason for the popularity of this design is that you get a professional-looking finish within two minutes. Besides, the slim designs naturally elongate your fingers and enhance the attractive quotient.

The nail salons are opening gradually with various restrictions in place. Besides, visiting a nail salon enhances the risk of contracting the virus. Women still prefer DIY manicure. Hence, you can try out the DND DC polish nail colors and have the unique nail art designs on top of it.

Few finger ‘Pops’ has dethroned the Five-finger ombre designs

When you have the nail manicure at home, you have the license to try out whatever you love to do. They are your nails, and hence you can experiment with them altogether. If a uniform five-finger ombre design was the trend in 2020, the new year allows you to bring the fun back into your nails.

You can try out a different design by painting a couple of nails on each finger differently. The pop design still has its admirers today. However, it is always advisable to leave out the ring finger. It enables you to be as modernized as possible while retaining the traditional look.

DND offers you an exciting range of matching colors to experiment with.

The Short, squared-off nails could well replace the long coffin-shaped nails in 2021

Come the new year, and people love to do something different. It extends to your nail manicures, as well. One can argue that the nail shapes are personal, with people feeling particular about how their nail shapes are. 2020 saw people going more for the elongated coffin-shaped nail designs.

This design should be the first to lose popularity as many girls have already started gravitating towards the short, squared-off styles. The specific reason behind this perception change is that the short and squared-off designs are comparatively easier to maintain. Today, you do not have many salons open worldwide, forcing people to try out their experiments at home.

Thankfully, velvet nails are making their way back into fashion

2020 was the year of the metallics, with various celebrities endorsing these designs. This design will continue for some more time in 2021 before the velvet nails make their way back. With dipping powder regaining its charm and popularity because of the convenience factor, you can find more people turning towards velvet nail finishes.

DND gel polish duo offers excellent options for you to try out these trends.


We have seen various new nail trends that could dominate in 2021. Maybe, some are forced designs, but they have their charm. One must admit that these new designs can enhance the attraction quotient to an entirely different level.