Leveraging DND Nail Supply for the Perfect Manicure

If you are obsessed with manicures, then you would have definitely heard about the DND nail supply. They are not just the perfect pick for a fine, manicured nail look but they have an amazing longevity.

Leveraging DND Nail Supply for the Perfect Manicure

Nail polishes are a very personal choice to make. They are definitely universal but the color variety and the finish that one requires, varies from person to person. But if you are someone who loves glossy nail polishes, then you must buy DND gel polish. For all the right reasons, it has been the talk of the town, since quite a while now.

What Is a DND Gel Polish?

Let’s start off with the basics. This polish is a high intensity polish that stays intact for at least 3 weeks, that is 21 days, without chipping off. It is a professional nail polish and comes in an array of colors. With the pandemic making it hard to go to the parlors at our own ease, it helps you get perfectly manicured nails at home. What else would one wish for?

How to Use DND Gel Polish at Home?

If you are using it for the very first time, then we are here to guide you through it. You can easily get nail supply online as they are extremely popular at the moment and one of the top favorites too.

Follow the steps below to after you buy DND gel polish: It is best to file your nails first. Give them the desired shape that you would want to achieve. A manicure file is easy to use and enhances the shape of your nails beautifully. Next up, it is recommended to use a nail polish remover to clean your nail surface. Use a clean pad to dry them. Never apply any polish on moist nails. Now, choose any color that you want to apply. It is best if you apply a base coat first.

This step requires your complete attention; you need to carefully apply very thin layers of the gel polish on your nail. After every single coat, you must cure your nails under an LED lamp or a UV lamp. Also, seal the free edge foe after every coat. 2-3 coats are sufficient. Do not overdo it. Once done, you can use Acetone to clean the sticky base.This is it. Simple and quick. However, you need to be very careful while applying the layers. Opt for extremely thin layers.

Why Does DND Polish Come with Two Polishes?

When you buy DND nail gel polish, it will come with two polishes. One is gel polish while the other is regular nail polish. This is due to varying tastes and preferences of the audience. Many people opt for this choice on the hands and like to use regular nail polish on the toes. Thus, both types of fashion geeks are cartered this way. Isn’t that great?

Is It Important to Cure Your Nails after DND Gel Polish?

Yes. Curing nails after applying the coat is very important. It is a mandatory step. If you do not cure your nails, they won’t dry. The consistency of the nail gel polish is extremely thick and has been crafted in a way that you require UV light to dry it.

You can easily get DND gel lamps online too. If you are a hoarder, then you must get wholesale DND nail supply along with a curing lamp as well. You can get manicured hands at any time, while being at home.

Do You Need a Base Coat with Gel Polish?

Another crucial question about gel polishes is whether a base coat is needed with them or not. You might have experienced this in parlors too. The base coat helps in keeping the nail gel polish intact. It further prevents it from peeling or lifting from the edges. Many people do not opt for a base coat whilst others do. We recommend you to apply a very thin base layer on your nails, to ensure that the nail gel stays put and lasts long too. You can easily get a DND base coat online as well.


Nails add an extra spark to your complete outlook. They make you look really well-dressed and enhance your personality as well. Putting a little effort into doing your nails can really go a long way in boosting your complete attire. And with DND gel polish, you are destined to have the prettiest, well-manicured nails ever.