Basics of Starting Self Tanning at Home: What Do You Need

Self-tanning is a great way to get a beautiful, sun-kissed glow without having to go into the sun. It’s also a good option for people who have sensitive skin or are prone to acne breakouts from UV rays. But if you’re going to use self-tanning lotion at home, there are some things you should know first.

Basics of Starting Self Tanning at Home

In this article, we’ll discuss what supplies and accessories you need before starting your self-tanning regimen at home. After reading this, you can start self-tanning at home. There are no hefty requirements for this procedure and by investing in it once, you can have a beautiful tan by staying at home. So let’s not waste any more time and have a look at it.

Products required for self-tanning

The following is a list of the top five products that you will need when starting to use self-tanning services in your home:

Tanning Machine

Tanning machines are devices that help in the perfect mixing of the tanning solution and also it’s even application on the body. Tanning machines have been known to generate the best tan for your body, so it’s a must-have tool in self-tanning services. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to make an investment towards a good tanning machine.

Tanning Mist

It is not as famous as other products but it still provides you with a nice area of application that will give you a gentle golden coat just like the perfect sunbathing on the beach. The mist can be applied from head to toe and will totally dry within minutes. This particular option works best when used before going to bed.

Tanning oil

Tanning oil is considered the most important tool for people with dry skin. This product will give you that moist effect that people look for when they go to a salon. It gives an extra layer of application that protects the skin from drying out after applying self-tanner.

Tanning lotion

The outdoor tanning lotion is considered the most popular product because of its convenience and ease of use. It can be applied easily and gives promising results.

All-Purpose Tanning Brush

Make sure to purchase a brush because it applies the perfect amount of tan without leaving any sign behind. Although, make sure you wash this brush after you apply tan because all the ingredients will accumulate together and it won’t work next time you try to apply any of your tanning products.

What other accessories do you need?

To get started you will need some other products and accessories. Two of them are as follows.


It will not only give you hydration, but it will also help spread the self-tanner over your skin and keep it from patching and looking blotchy.

Tanning Mitts and Gloves

When applying self-tanner, wear latex gloves or mitts. This will not only keep the tanner from getting all over your hands and looking like a raccoon, but it will also help you spread the product evenly over your body.


Whether you want a warm, golden glow or a deep bronze hue that looks like it was achieved on the beach in Aruba, self-tanning is an easy way to make your skin tone more uniform. There are many different ways you can achieve this look at home but one thing that is compulsory and must-to-know is the basics. You must know which products and equipment you need and how they work. That way, you will be able to perform the self-tanning in an effective way. I hope this article helped you in this regard.